Hello, my name is Haidi, owner and founder of The Pixies Green Pantry.

The Pixies Green Pantry was born in 2015. We planted organic herbs with the aim of selling them to the local restaurants. We grew from there adding Raw Fynbos Honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our products. Finding a fantastic supplier of free-range foods, we decided it was time to introduce a website, offering month-end orders.

Customers were delighted with our products and over the years we added more products, swopped some and learnt by experience as we moved forward.

We are a reliable food source and offer you quality free range foods direct from the farm, pasture to plate.

All our farm products are grass fed and we offer Certified free-range eggs and Certified Karoo Lamb. Now, I have tried eggs everywhere and, in my opinion, we still have the best! No ‘fish meal’ smell, no awful after taste, the right colour and they are always fresh! Our main farm supplier, in George, has consolidated with their neighbouring farmers and so we can now offer a wide range of grass-fed meats, poultry and dairy products.


Lastly, I just like to inform you that we do not carry  stock. We are a small home-based business and how we operate is as follows:

We order from the supplier once we have received your order & payment. We do have multiple suppliers and each supplier has a minimum order requirement that I must meet in order to make his journey worthwhile. This is the main reason we do month-end orders mostly plus there are high courier fees involved, especially the farm orders. 

Dates to get your orders in by and when to collect will always be posted on our WhatsApp Broadcast Group and FB page.

We generally do not offer a delivery service as we are dealing with fresh and frozen produce mostly, but if you are not able to collect, we will deliver for a small fee.

You know, it’s easy and convenient to just pop down to the supermarkets or big chain stores and contribute to the owners next holiday or new car, but just a little planning and ordering from a small business, puts food on our table and provides employment.

Please keep it local and support small businesses.

Thank you | Dankie | Namaste

Caring Services

Do you need a Pixie Carer? UK trained and available for Domiciliary Care (range of services put in place to support an individual in their own home.)

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