How we roll

All items are month-end except Fresh Fish which can be ordered weekly.

Orders in by Thursday 2pm and Collection on Friday between 12-2pm.

(Note: Supplier has a minimum order policy so we may not always be able to fullfil your order).

Each order will be manually approved after payment is received. EFT details will be sent with your order confirmation.

Orders are open from 20th of each month.

Collection generally falls on the first Friday in the new month.

Contact us to Join our What’s App broadcast group for reminders, specials, updates.

For Bulk Orders, please contact us anytime. Let us know what you are looking for. This includes Halal but not strictly Free Range.

Fresh Fish:
(Fish is priced per KG but invoiced at actual weight –
Supplier does his best to match your ordered weight as close as possible).

We only offer Green Fish – this means any species that is not suffering from over fishing or fishing methods harmful to the marine life.

The Beef Primals are not strictly Free Range but also Grain Fed and from top suppliers.

We have a minimum farm order policy of R500 or Fish – minimum 1kg or Bulk R1000.

We support Local Farmers and small businesses, get in touch.



Fresh Fish - Weekly Orders

Dairy - Monthly Orders

Free Range Chicken - Monthly Orders

Free Range Pork - Monthly Orders

Free Range Beef - Monthly Orders

Free Range Lamb - Monthly Orders

Beef Primals - Monthly Orders

Other Pantry Items - Monthly Orders

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